Help for logging into VoterClick
To login you first need an account. To get an account you must be a registered voter. If you do not have and account, click on Create Account and follow the directions.
If you have an account but don’t know your password, use Forgot Password. If you do not remember your username, then use Create account to reset it. It will still be attached to your Voter ID, so don’t worry about creating duplicate accounts, that does not happen.
You must verify your account through an email address. This is for the security of your account. You are granted use privileges by your county party. If you are a precinct officer, you will be able to interact with data for your precinct. If you are a legislative district officer, you will be able to interact with your district data, and so forth for county and state level officers. If you do not have the access you think you should have, contact your upline party leadership to be sure you have been designated to your correct positions.

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